What is it about Italian Kitchens?

Italian design has an indefinable quality. Something that appeals to the subconscious, something elemental that we easily relate to when we see it in fashion, cars and furniture. Italian designers seem to have a genetic predisposition that allows them to set things in their right proportions with little or no conscious effort.

It’s the same with kitchens.

italian kitchen design

Italian kitchens provide the ideal resource for creating something personal, something quite different from the ordinary.

Unlike standard kitchens, Italian manufacturers ranges are only loosely defined by the name they carry. They tend to overlap and flow into each other. This provides a much more varied and flexible palette, with options that simply don’t exist in ‘run of the mill’ products. This is where the role of the designer becomes more important.

The beginning artist is often overwhelmed by the vast range of colours available to him, and loses control of his work. The experienced artist, on the other hand, has learnt how to create both harmony and contrast within the discipline of a limited palette.

A good designer does the same, absorbing and filtering a sense of what you want, and what your available space suggests – with all its individual peculiarities – to arrive at a thoughtfully composed resolution of all the constraints.

italian kitchen design

Good kitchen design is about so much more than just making things fit.
In the hands of the right designer, proportion, line, colour, texture all play an important part in arriving at the right solution. A kitchen needs to be considered in its totality, not just in the layout of the units. The characteristics of all the related elements are important too; walls, floors, adjacent spaces etc.The aim is to create an interrelated, harmonious whole; a design that, no matter how avant-garde or conservative, sits as easily in its space as nature follows the contours of the landscape.

italian kitchen design

Leonardo Da Vinci said:

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

An Italian kitchen is the ultimate form of sophisticated simplicity.

Your choice of kitchen and its design say a lot about you. Get it wrong and it’ll always feel that ill-fitting, not-quite-the-right-colour, jacket you should never have bought.

Get it right and you’ll feel as good as you would stepping out in the perfect, flattering, classic-cut Italian suit.

Article by Brendan Watson, kitchenitaly.co.uk

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